Company Overview

Company name SHOWA KDE CO.,LTD.
Head Office Shirakiji Bldg6F 1-2-33 higashigotanda shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0022
Representative Motohiro Tanaka President
Established January.26.1934
Capital 2,820 million yen
Major Shareholders Kyoden Co.,Ltd.
Lines of business ・Raw materials for continuous glass fiber
・Refractory prtoducts
・Cement admixture and Premixed materials
・Career for agricultualchemicals
Emproyee 212
Net Sales(2018) 7,662,000,000yen


1934 Established as a member of Mori Combine
1949 Listed in Tokyo (and Osaka) Stock Exchange
1961 Acquired Shobaraplant and Akitsuplant
1962 Started mining of pyrophyllite Started manufacturing and selling clay for pyrophyllite Started manufacturing and selling pyrophyllite refractories
1970 Started Kawashimoplant
1970 Started manufacturing clay for glass fiber
1971 Started manufacturing refractories
1972 Set up Showa chemical Started manufacturing and selling clay for long glass fiber
1977 Started manufacturing admixtures for cement
1979 Started manufacturing colemanite for long glass fiber
1984 Set up Laboratory
1990 Started manufacturing neutral castable refractory
1998 Started manufacturing bacteria ceramic carrier
1999 Started manufacturing pre-mixed mortar for tunnel
2003 Delisted from Osaka Stock Exchange
2005 Changed trade name from Showa Mining to Showa KDE
2010 Acquired fully by Kyoden Delisted from Tokyo Stock Exchange
2011 Absorbed Showa Chemical, FubasamiClay and FubasamiIndustries
2012 Acquired EtoIndustry and EtoTrading
2015 Acquired Jantech
2015 Acquired TsurugaSpancrete


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